ClarityRx Relax Facial Massage Oil (12 oz)


Relax Facial Massage Oil is a custom blended oil containing a special blend of apricot, sunflower,
sweet almond and jojoba oil all combined to leave the skin soft and moisturized while infusing key
minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:
• Apricot Oil – soothes and prevents acne, inflammation, and dryness.
• Sweet Almond Oil – contains vitamin E, helping keep skin cells healthy, protecting skin from UV
radiation damage, and helping your skin to look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines. Fatty acids
help skin retain moisture and heal chapped and irritated skin.
• Jojoba Oil – contains anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness, ease the effects of
eczema and rosacea, and keep skin calm, soothed and comfortable.

Application and Usage: Apply 1 tsp. of Relax‚Ñ¢ to hands and rub front and back of hands
together to warm the oil and your hands. Press oil onto chest, neck and face.

*Please refer to the professional treatment guide for specific facial protocols.

Recommended For: All skin types.

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