Classics Enzyme Retexturizing Mask 1.5 oz


A beige colored, vegetable peeling mask in powder form. Must be mixed thoroughly with hot water to activate.

Recommended for all skin types except extremely sensitive. Can be used once or twice weekly following complete cleansing steps. For best results, apply Classics Pre Mask Lotion first. Next, avoiding the eye area, gently apply a thick layer of mask with a wooden spatula or brush. Allow to set for the allotted time. Remove with spatula, followed by a warm, damp towel then wipe clean with pre-moistened esthetic sponges.

Recommended time allotments are as follows:

• Thick, Oily Skin 15-20 minutes

• Normal Skin 10-12 minutes

• Dry Skin 7-10 minutes

• Thin, Sensitive Skin 5 minutes

Features and Benefits
This is an excellent revitalizing treatment for wrinkled or scarred skin. Enhanced with concentrated doses of nature’s best sloughing ingredients it gently lifts the dull surface layers to refine the skin’s appearance. For best results clinicians should recommend a series of 6 consecutive sessions. Careful attention should be made in following the specified time allotments.

Proteolytic Enzyme Complex, Colloidal Oat Extract, Rosebud Powder, Red Beet Powder, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Sodium Bicarbonate.

Available Sizes: 1.5 oz. and 16 oz.

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